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Want to sell your car? We want it. Even if you're still making loan or lease payments, we want to buy your car. At Rusnak BMW, we are motivated to give you our maximum value based on current market conditions.


We've helped many customers already by paying off their leases and finance contracts. And by selling their car to Rusnak BMW, many incur no lease-end fees or charges due. Looking to get out or just switch - Now it's your turn.

Call us at 805-206-3668 to get started today.

Disclaimer: *Vehicle valuation contingent on dealer inspection. Not all customers will have positive equity in their current lease or financed vehicle. Factors that may affect vehicle values include but are not limited to higher than normal mileage, prior accident damage, accessories, and negative equity. Any amount you owe which is more than the amount allowed on your trade-in will be added to the new amount financed, subject to credit approval.

from our FOOTWEAR sponsor

Zen Running Club is all about enjoying your running, looking good, and resting easy about your impact on the planet. A vegan-approved running footwear that prioritizes sustainable, plant-based materials. 

Use code RUN15 for 15% off your first purchase. 


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