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We've partnered up with endurance athlete, yoga teacher, and wellness coach "Ted McDonald", to create a training plan designed to get you through the finish line and to help you continue your life long relationship with fitness and wellness. Whether it's your first or 20th race, we're going to help you get ready based on your specific fitness level. 

Below you can download for free our training programs.

things to know while training

Completing a half-marathon or a 5K is a life-changing event and getting there can be daunting. Below you can find some useful blog articles by "Evolution Physical Therapy" and "ALL IN by Teddi" on how to best approach your training. Good luck!


4 Tips for Injury Prevention & Optimal Training

We asked "Evolution Physical Therapy" for tips to prevent injuries and make your running style stronger while training for Run Malibu VRTL.



Each and every one of us faces different challenges during our training. We asked "ALL IN by Teddi" to share some helpful learnings on how to successfully train for a race.

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Teddi Mellencamp X Run Malibu


Teddi Mellencamp started ALL IN by Teddi reviewing various fitness classes in the Los Angeles area on Instagram as a way to hold personal accountability to her goals. As she worked to get fit, her following grew and her purpose quickly morphed into Teddi giving fitness advice and urging her followers to become the best versions of themselves possible through self-accountability. Through that, Teddi developed a program that gets results for anyone and works with her clients to see them through their struggles to become happier and healthier.

ALL IN has become the next burgeoning lifestyle brand, changing over 15,000 lives, with Teddi now managing a large roster of coaches, all of whom have gone through the program. Teddi continues to expand the ALL IN reach with a personal journal, community retreats, and a postpartum program designed exclusively for new moms. When she’s not changing lives, Teddi can be seen on Bravo’s hit The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. 

ABOUT "Evolution Physical Therapy"

Our mission is to help all of our patients and clients perform at their highest potential, to completely redefine the profession of physical therapy and to provide the community with exceptional rehab services, fitness, performance training, injury prevention, wellness and recovery.


Our doctors of physical therapy are highly skilled and knowledgeable, utilize modern equipment and techniques and have an unparalleled drive to help you get better.

Evolution PT X Run Malibu
Ted McDonald X Run Malibu


Ted is an endurance athlete, yoga teacher, and wellness coach.
He brings the benefits of yoga and mindfulness to athletes everywhere. A former Elite Adventure Racer and a Lacrosse player at UCLA, he has been an athlete his entire life. He’s run countless marathons, triathlons, trail races, ultra marathons, and completed an IronMan.

He is the founder of TeamWRx.us, a corporate wellness company, and Adventure Yoga Retreats, a company that organizes premium travel adventures around the world. He also owns 5 Point Yoga, the premier yoga and fitness studio in Malibu, California.

If you’re looking for personalized coaching and advise you can reach him directly through his website.