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We Run in Memory of AG Santosa

It's a world of Heroes

As a race director I often have the opportunity and the honor to come across some of the most beautiful and inspiring stories. It is a privilege to discover and be able to share with the rest of the world the journeys and accomplishments of such remarkable people, and how running has represented a powerful life-changing catalyst for so many of them.

Every time I have the opportunity to be among runners I like to ask them about their story and how life lead them to take that first step into signing up for a road race. Every time I'm amazed and inspired by what they have to share.

Each story is unique... and, although some have been athletes all their life, the majority are 'regular' people just like you and I, but when they lace-up their running shoes they became superheroes! This is how I learned about Agung Budi Santosa (aka AG) and his family.

This amazing group of family and friends run races across the country in honor of their beloved AG Santosa

Running for AG

On November 10th 2013 after completing the Malibu Half Marathon, AG suffered heart failure. Since them his family and friends have continued to attend the annual Malibu Half Marathon as a way to remember and honor him doing what he loved so much.

This is how AG's stepson, Cesar Fajardo remembers him as he gets ready to run the 2017 Malibu Half Marathon, once again, with a team of 16 people including his mother Marta, in honor of AG.

"Agung Budi Santosa, as we all know him AG, was born February 19th 1958. Born in Indonesia, in the city of Purworejo. He was a hard worker and always made sure his family had everything they needed. His heart was bigger than the world and the only thing he ever wished for was happiness for everyone around him.

AG taught us how to love, laugh and to live a happy caring life. He was passionate about running marathons and mud runs, he was a great motivation to everyone around him, and he taught us that we could achieve anything we set our minds to. Running wasn’t just running to him, it was setting a goal and crossing the finish line to achieve it. He never ran to set a PR; it was simply to bring friends and family together to have a good time while living a healthy lifestyle. AG inspired his friends to run and to enjoy it-- friends, who never believed they could complete a Marathon, complete it.

AG and my mother Marta took pleasure in running events monthly. After every event, they would call me to say how much fun they had. The events leading up to his passing were almost foreseen. He was fortunate enough to take a trip with his 3 sons and his wife to Indonesia, to visit his family, before the Malibu Half. The trip was in the works for years. Upon their return he told my mother, the Malibu Half would be his last race.

On November 10th 2013 after the Malibu half marathon, upon completing the race AG suffered heart failure and collapsed at the finish line. He was rushed to UCLA medical, but pronounced deceased.

Marta and Cesar at the start line of the 2016 Malibu Half Marathon

AG is still motivating and inspiring all of us. Friends and family are now running several different marathons throughout the year. People who never believed in themselves are now running for AG.

“Race to Paradise” the slogan for the 2013 Malibu Half, surely shows the writing on the wall. We all live a healthier lifestyle, not running for a time but to achieve a goal. We come out every year to run the Malibu Half and every year we invite new people to join us. AG’s influence, reminds us we can overcome any obstacle and for that we are eternally thankful."

Cesar Fajardo


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