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6 Reasons to Run the Malibu Half Marathon & 5K in 2021

Updated: May 24, 2021

2021 feels like the year for everyone to get a refresh — physically and mentally.

After enduring life in lockdown and missing out on major events like graduations, weddings and birthday parties, we’re all bursting to get out and be part of a real community again.

As we come out of our COVID slumber, we want to #CrushtheComeback! The Malibu Half Marathon and 5K Run/Walk is returning this year stronger and better than ever. We’re looking to reunite our community after being apart all year.

With that spirit in mind, here are six excellent reasons to put the Malibu Half Marathon and 5K Run/Walk on your calendar:

1. It’s All About Community

We’ve missed you! The Malibu Half Marathon and 5K is the perfect opportunity to come out and join a community of runners, walkers and like-minded health seekers. Each year, our event brings together some of the most interesting, fun people from all corners of the globe.

They come to see world-famous Malibu and soak up the California sun. They come to run a beautiful beachside event. And they come to meet each other. Committing to the race also means you can take part in training groups months before the event. You’ll make lasting friendships while keeping yourself motivated and in shape.

If you’ve been craving community, come socialize with us!

2. A Gorgeous, Well-Organized Running Event

This is one of the prettiest races in America. Women’s Running Magazine called it “too gorgeous to be missed.” Runners start and finish at Zuma Beach, coveted by sun soakers and surfers alike. It’s also located minutes away from downtown Malibu and offers plenty of convenient parking.

The entire race takes place along the famed Pacific Coast Highway. You’ll be taking in the stunning coastal views on one side and the gorgeous Santa Monica mountains on the other. You’ll also see where many of Malibu’s rich and famous live, including some of the biggest celebs in the world.

All the way through, you can expect a well-organized, safe and fun event, from the water and bathroom stations to the pre-and-post festivities at Zuma.

3. You Can Run the Race Virtually

For 2021, we are keeping the option for anyone who wants to be part of the magic but doesn’t want to travel or show up in person. Running the race virtually means that you can decide for yourself whenever and wherever you want to run it.

The pros: No waking up super early to drive, find parking and make race time. No need to bundle up against the morning chill. And you get to choose your favorite route and possibly set a personal record (PR), too.

New this year: You can now use Run Malibu’s official race app to track your course with your phone’s GPS, get motivational messages from friends and family, and have your race results uploaded to the event’s results page. It’s a great way to #runbeautiful at a time and place of your choosing.

4. You Can Actually Run for Free

If you are a leader or influencer within your community, we invite you to promote the Malibu Half Marathon and 5K to your followers. When you sign up you'll receive a unique referral link to share. The more people you get to sign up, the bigger the reward. You could even get your entire race entry refunded.

We want to reward you for helping us to bring people together and sharing the love of the event. After all, it’s all about community.

For more details about our Referral Program, click here.

5. You’re Supporting Two Awesome Causes

The Malibu Half Marathon and 5K has been a strong supporter of the Boys & Girls Club of Malibu, which provides mentoring and after school programs for disadvantaged youth. In 2019, we raised over $53,000.00 for the Club, our largest donation to date.

For 2021, we’re excited to announce that we will be supporting Girls on the Run Los Angeles as well. Girls on the Run is an after-school program designed to inspire girls of all abilities to recognize and embrace their inner strength. The nonprofit emphasizes the important connection between physical and emotional health.

Register as a charity runner, help raise funds for these worthy causes, and enjoy benefits such as access to the VIP lounge. You may even be able to get your race fees waived. For more about our Charity Program, click here.

6. Run for Your Own Physical and Mental Wellbeing

If this is the year for a physical and mental refresh, the Malibu Half Marathon and 5K Run/Walk can give you the motivation to focus on your health for the rest of the year. Register for the event and look for a local training group in your area to join. Training with other runners or walkers makes it easier to stay motivated. Plus, it’s more fun!

Of course, there are numerous health benefits to running. Many people also rediscovered running during the pandemic to fight the effects of social isolation.

Register Today!

Make 2021 the year to Crush the Comeback! Give yourself an incredible goal to work toward. When you cross that finish line at Zuma Beach and hear the cheers from thousands of fellow runners and walkers, you’ll be glad you signed up!

Get ready to #runbeautiful at the Malibu Half Marathon and 5K Run/Walk.


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