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8 Learnings To Training Successfully

Updated: Aug 31, 2020

Each and every one of us, both experienced and non experienced runners and walkers, faces different challenges during our training. We asked "ALL IN by Teddi" accountability coaches to share some helpful learnings on how to successfully train for a race or just run longer distances regularly.

Teddi Mellencamp - Accountability Coach and cast member on Bravo’s hit The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills


Running and dehydration go hand-in-hand, and it’s important to keep your body hydrated if you want to complete a race. If doing a run longer than 45 minutes, we recommend bringing a handheld water bottle that you can strap to directly your hand. Some people also use running vests, water bottle fanny packs, and other devices to hold their water, but we are partial to the handheld water bottle for its ease of use. If we are doing a long run, we will often add a Nuun electrolyte tablet to our water bottle to ensure that we have those necessary added electrolytes. Within half an hour of finishing a run, we also load up on water and try to have at least 500 ml right away.

Energizers & Electrolytes

There are plenty of great energizers and electrolytes on the market that can help to give you an added boost of energy during your long rungs. Some of our favorites are the Jelly Belly Sport Beans, the Gatorade Prime Energy Chews, the Gu Energy Gels, and the Nuun Sport Tablets. These provide your body with carbohydrates, electrolytes, and vitamins to fuel your body and extend your hydration.

Running Shoes

For maximum support and comfort during your runs, we recommend getting fitted for the right running shoe. Most cities have specialized running stores that will observe your running style, your foot shape, your pronation and your gait to determine the level of support and structure that your feet (and knees!) need.

Based on the information gathered, they can recommend the best brand, style, and fit for you. The most important thing to remember is that no two people are alike; therefore find a running shoes that offers the right amount of support and comfort you need. Quality running socks are also very important - many of us have learned this the hard way with painful blisters.

Cross Training

Cross training is equally as important to work into your routine while you are training for a race. Cross training exercises help to build and balance various muscle groups. When we are running regularly, we need to allow our running muscles to take a “break” and instead focus on strengthening the other muscle groups so that our bodies can remain guessing.

The cross training exercises that we love most are spinning, walking, boxing, HIIT, swimming and hiking. Running everyday can be taxing on your joints so it’s important to mix it up.


Living in California, we never leave for a run without sunscreen, sunglasses, a hat, or all three. The sun is strongest between 10am-4pm, so if like to run during this time, make sure you are taking the necessary precautions (and of course, staying hydrated).

If you like to run early in the morning, hand lights or a head lamp are useful pieces of equipment to bring with you. If you are a late night runner, strapping a small bottle of pepper spray to your hand can help to provide a level of safety and comfort.

We love workout leggings that have side pockets to store our cell phones and electrolyte packs, but there are also great running belts online that you can pack full of all your running essentials. It’s much better than holding your phone in your hand, trust us!

A foam roller is a great tool to use for stretching and working out muscular knots, and epsom salt baths help to soothe muscles after strenuous exercise.

Tool to Measure Pace and Mileage

There are so many models on the market, that you are bound to find one that works for your specific needs.


We love incorporating music into our runs. We like to use earbuds that are wireless, so that we don’t have to deal with any hanging wires while we run. We find that a great playlist can make all of the difference especially during long distances.

There are many free APPs including, Spotify, in which a person can build their own custom playlist. Additionally, the Peloton App features amazing outdoor runs. It helps with pace and endurance, while keeping the training fun. If you are curious about this topic we recommend reading "Music and Motivation: How the Right Tunes Can Get You anywhere".


Many people like to run solo while some enjoy running with people. Regardless, it is great to have a support system or accountability buddy. Having someone to challenge you and make sure you complete your mileage goes a long way.

Teddi and her ALL IN team of coaches running the Malibu Half Marathon & 5K.


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