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Adjusting Your Training When Running Is Not An Option

Updated: Sep 22, 2021

Oftentimes you hear that consistency and a regular running routine are one of the keys to success, however as most of us know that sometimes work, travel or other external circumstances such air pollution prevent you from getting out the door to train. (Click here for guidelines on how to judge if it’s safe to exercise outside).

You can navigate the obstacles, by consulting your coach, and adapting your training plan to ensure that when you do return to running you don’t add back too much too soon and increase your risk of injury. Another strategy is to add in bodyweight exercises to give yourself a strength training stimulus that will benefit your running, no matter where you are.

The following series doesn't require any equipment and is a great program for runners to follow while traveling, at the office, at home, or when running isn’t an option.

Single-Leg Bridge (3 x 15 reps)

The single-leg bridge trains hip extension and strengthens your glute max, which is an important muscle for generating power while running and on the bike. Perform with or without a resistance band.

Side Plank w/ Hip Abduction (3 x 30 sec)

The side plank with hip abductions trains your lateral core and lateral hip stabilizers. These muscles are crucial to keep you healthy while running. They contribute to keeping your hips, knees, and feet injury-free.

Plank Thread the Needle (3 x 8 reps each side)

The thread the needle is a fun plank variation that targets rotational core stability. Controlling rotational forces with both running and swimming is helpful for performance and injury prevention.

Wall Sit w/ Calf Raise (3 x 60 sec)

This wall sit variation will train your soleus along with making your quads burn. Your soleus is exposed to forces as high as 8x your body weight while running. Because of this, soleus strengthening is critical to any runner's program.

Pogo Hops (3 x 30 sec)

Pogo hops are a great way to train the storage and release of energy in your gastroc/soleus complex. If you can’t get out and run, they are a great way to give your calf and achilles a running-specific training stimulus. These are also a great performance test if you are rehabbing a calf or achilles injury to clear before running. Progress from double leg to single leg pogo hops for an additional challenge!

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