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conquer your mind, conquer YOUR run

Updated: May 12, 2023

Running is a mental sport, so they say. Picture this: you’re lacing up your sneakers for the big day, ready to take on the world, or at least the Run Malibu Marathon. As you step out the door, you can feel the mental battle already brewing. Will you be able to motivate yourself to push through when your body starts to ache, or will you give in to the voice in your head telling you to quit? Let’s face it, when it comes to running, mental toughness is just as important as physical strength. From training runs to race day, conquering your mind is key to achieving your running goals.

From self-doubt to negative self-talk, the mental barriers to running can be tough to overcome. But with a little bit of perseverance and a few tricks up your sleeve, you can easily break through these mental barriers. Your mind is a powerful tool and it can take you further than you ever thought possible. Forget about your physical limitations for a moment and focus on unlocking the full potential of your mind.

Here are 5 simple tips to help you overcome your mental barriers to running 💪

1. start small, dream big. break down your running goals into small and achievable milestones 🥇

Self-doubt is a common mental barrier that can hold you back from achieving your running potential. The truth is, anyone can learn to run regardless of their age or fitness level. After all, Run Malibu is #TheRaceForEveryBODY. Start small, set achievable goals, and build up your confidence through positive self-talk. Who knows, you may surprise yourself with what you're capable of!


Fear of failure is another mental barrier that can prevent you from pushing yourself to new levels. But the fear of failure is often unfounded and can hold you back from taking risks. While crossing the finish line is undoubtedly a significant accomplishment, it’s important to remember that the journey itself can be just as rewarding. Focus on your progress rather than your perceived shortcomings. Celebrate every milestone along your running journey, no matter how small. Here are nine reasons why Run Malibu is the most enjoyable running journey for you 💪


Lack of motivation can be a tough mental barrier to overcome, especially when the weather is less than ideal or when you hit a plateau. Find ways to stay motivated, whether it's by joining a running group, signing up for a race, or trying a new training plan. Mix things up and keep it interesting!

4. silence your inner running critic and become your own biggest cheerleader 📣

Negative self-talk can be a self-fulfilling prophecy and prevent you from achieving your running goals. Replace negative thoughts with positive affirmations, reminding yourself of your strengths and accomplishments. Focus on progress rather than perfection and celebrate every step forward.

5. celebrate every sweaty, breathless moment of your running journey - the good, bad and hilarious 😝

Perfectionism is another mental barrier that can hold you back from enjoying the process of running. Remember, progress is more important than perfection. Set realistic goals, celebrate every milestone, and enjoy the journey! Carl Finer shares his story of how he learned to accept his imperfections during his Run Malibu journey.


Give yourself a big milestone to run towards. Race events offer an incredible atmosphere and community of like-minded people. It helps when the route is as beautiful as the Malibu coastline. Plus you get an awesome medal and t-shirt to mark your achievement. Here are nine reasons to Run Malibu!

We're thrilled that you took the time to read our latest blog post on how to break through the mental barriers to running. We hope it was the mental boost you needed to take things to the next level 🙌 Conquering your mind is key to breaking through the mental barriers to running. Believe in yourself, stay motivated, and celebrate every step forward. You've got this!


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