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IV vitamin infusions to repair, rehydrate & renew.

Updated: Nov 2, 2021

Drip IV Therapy is excited to be partnering with Run Malibu again this year! To celebrate this they will be offering complimentary B12 shots and an exclusive drip formula made especially for VIP/Charity Runners who have access to the lounge. To find out more about the VIP/Charity Program and perks click here.


Intravenous (IV) therapy is quickly becoming a fixture at running events. Several studies have shown that rehydration is more rapid and efficient with IV therapy. The metabolic demands of endurance running can result in substantial sweat losses and levels of dehydration consistent with compromised endurance performance (Cheuvront, Montain, & Sawka, 2007).

The combination of heat stress, dehydration, and physical exercise imposes perhaps the most severe physiological challenge for the human body (Murray, 1998). So a saline IV drip infused with electrolytes, vitamins, minerals, and amino acids can jumpstart the recovery process. The practice of using IVs as a means of rehydration for athletes is not a new concept. This concept has been utilized for over 20 years and reaps many benefits. According to Runner’s World (2015), when it comes to recovery, the faster an athlete can rehydrate, the better.


IV therapy can do more for runners than just provide adequate hydration. Electrolyte replacement is also vital. Electrolytes are necessary to balance blood chemistry, regulate nerve impulses, and control muscles, including the heart muscle for better recovery. Other potential benefits also include:

  • A reduction in the oxidative stress within your body

  • Enhanced cell repair

  • Enhanced endurance

  • Increased strength and tone in your muscles

  • Fewer muscle cramps, spasms, and soreness

  • Better metabolism

  • Improved muscle repair and growth

  • More efficient use of energy

  • Reduced inflammation and joint pain

During IV therapy, athletes get hydration and electrolytes delivered directly into their bloodstream, rather than waiting for the digestive system to process fluids and nutrients when taken orally. While oral hydration is also encouraged, IV hydration is thought to be more beneficial because it bypasses the GI tract. All of the nutrients in the IV drip are placed directly into the bloodstream where rehydration can happen at a faster rate. Runners and athletes are often seen chugging liquids after a race, but they often become nauseous and vomit. However, even if the drink does stay down, only about 30% percent of its vitamins and minerals are absorbed by the cells, nerves, and muscles that need them, whereas getting IV therapy will provide almost 100% providing adequate hydration without the risk of vomiting.

THE “Runner’s High”

We also want to let you know about an exclusive Drip IV Therapy treatment formulated especially for Run Malibu participants called “Runner’s High”. This treatment will instantly hydrate you and enhance your recovery, leaving you feeling renewed and invigorated.


reduces the build up of lactic acid to prevent muscle cramping. It also improves muscle contraction and performance.

Vitamin B6

Helps to make hemoglobin, an essential component of red blood cells. Hemoglobin is needed to transport oxygen around the body to the cells and tissues, which use it to produce the energy needed to run. It also transports carbon dioxide, a waste product, to the lungs which then removes it from the body to help with recovery.

Vitamin C

Helps to protect the body from free radicals (damaging chemicals that freely roam around the body). You may be exposed to free radicals in pollution when you’re running outside. It also boosts your immune system, promotes circulation, and reduces internal stress which allows your body to recover quickly.


enhances exercise performance and builds immunity levels to reduce muscle and joint pain. Glutamine also helps promote muscular health and prevents the breakdown of muscles.


helps your body break down the fat and protein for the energy you need to get through a workout. B12 also helps combat fatigue to increase stamina and endurance.

B complex

Boosts energy and supports cardiovascular function to aid in recovery.


Provides hydration and electrolyte replacement needed after a strenuous workout. Also helps your body maintain proper fluid balance to prevent muscle cramps and weakness.


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