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What does it mean to build a legacy? We believe that "legacy"can mean many different things and take many forms, and that it is ultimately up to the individual to define "legacy" for themselves. However, when backed by greater purpose, it can leave an indelible mark on both the individual and the communities they touch.

Building a personal legacy through movement is a profound endeavor that goes beyond mere physical activity. It requires a commitment to the self and daily investments towards a long-term goal. Over time, it takes shape as a transformative journey through which individuals harness the power of their bodies to leave a lasting impact on the world. Movement, in its various forms, becomes a catalyst for self-expression, self-discovery, and connection with others. It empowers anyone to shape their identity, overcome challenges, share their stories, and ultimately, can inspire generations to come. Movement backed by purpose can create a legacy that echoes through the ages.

We are honored to share words of wisdom, inspiration and the "why" behind the multi-year legacies of the Run Malibu participants below. Read on and be inspired to build your own legacy!


Julie Weiss

"Running makes me feel alive and brings out my true spirit.

I come back to run the Malibu Half marathon every year because of the good vibes, beautiful course and the energy of the inspiring community.

When things get tough on race day, or in training, remember what a gift it is to be able to run, walk and move your body and then take a deep breath and keep going! You got this!"

Nicola Wenz

"Pace yourself – slow or fast, you’ll get across the finish line either way so no need to rush. It’s called a journey for a reason and once you get to the stage where running feels fun and no longer a burden – that’s when you know you’ve made it.

Why I run: Running is an escape for me. Not only does it physically make me stronger but it’s mentally so important. I have a very hectic and social job – running allows me to go at my own pace and process all the thoughts in my head from the day."


Tom Van Daele

" I run to keep my sanity. I run a half marathon in Malibu every weekend to balance life between hard work and enjoying life. It’s my reset button. Running it during the actual November event makes my run so much more fun and enjoyable. As a legacy runner I’m not running for time or speed anymore, just for the experience. Although I prefer to run alone each weekend, running Malibu during the half and 5k is a real joy because of the amazing positive energy you’re surrounded with."

Yolanda Flores-Moreno

"Running gives me a feeling of accomplishment and gives me energy for the day. Sometimes I don't feel like running but I ALWAYS feel better after a run.

I continue to go back to Malibu because it's where I first got a taste of what 13.1 and what that was all about, and I was hooked. The Run Malibu, Malibu and Pacer community make all the difference with their cheers and motivation. Plus, the view is spectacular."


Jake Loskutoff

"I run to free my mind. My business relies on me to be innovative and creative at all times.

That doesn’t always come easy, but I’ve found running brings me the clarity I need to continue to push the limits for our clients. In fact, some of our best campaigns often take root on an early morning run."

Martha Romero

"I run because I always feel better after a run. No matter how my day may be going running always makes it better. I feel energized and motivated to do whatever else needs to get done for the day! I am reminded that I run because I can and that alone is motivation to get out there and do my best!

Running gives me positive vibes. I always try to stay positive and be a better person than I was the day before. Even on bad days I try to forget the negative and push forward!"


Thanks for reading; we hope these words left you feeling inspired and motivated to build your own legacy. Are you ready to join us this November in Malibu and leave your mark?

If you're looking for a place to get started, click the link below to learn how to become a Run Malibu Legacy Runner.


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