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Runner Spotlight: Hilda Gonzalez

At Run Malibu we are passionate about celebrating the everyday superheroes out there that make this world a better place because of their beliefs and values. Today we want to honor Hilda Gonzalez an avid walker and community builder.

Hilda is an accomplished attorney and has practiced law for approximately 34 years.

She first approached walking a few years ago. She would carve out some time to hit the pavement before work or during her lunch break as a means to de-stress and get re-energized and better dace her work day. “I discovered that walking really opened up my mind as well as making me feel so much better physically.” Hilda shared with us.

She was encouraged by her family (her brother, sister-in-law and niece) to join the Whittier Pacers back in 2018 as a way of coping with the emotional struggles she was facing due to a heartbreaking loss in her life.

“Joining the Pacers has helped me greatly as I am surrounded by such awesome people filled with lots of positive energy and kindness,” says Hilda reflecting back on the last few years.

“Anything is possible. You just have to believe in yourself and make your dream a reality.“

“I am so very grateful to be part of this group. Every time I walk among the Pacers my joy tank is filled. The smiles, the laughter and great energy we share is awesome.” she added.

Shortly after joining Whittier Pacers, Hilda decided to take on a bigger role becoming the official Walking Coach. She made it her mission to train to be able to walk a half marathon and inspire her walking team members to do the same.

Her strong passion for walking is also a result of a personal struggle she faced regarding her knee. “Approximately 7 years ago I was having trouble walking as my left knee was bone on bone.

I then had my knee replaced and began to walk quite slowly. I never imagined that I would be walking 13.1 miles, but I can and I have many times over.” she shared proudly. “Walking is a large part of my life. Walking gives me strength in body, mind and soul.”.

To date she has successfully trained her group to walk several 5ks, 10ks and half marathons, including the Malibu Half Marathon.

In fact, Hilda earned her Malibu Legacy Status in 2021. “I have now walked the Malibu Half Marathon (twice in person and once virtually during Covid). I have enjoyed the beautiful route, which is spectacular, and the atmosphere of the race. It is organized so well and really gives the participants a great experience.”

When asked how her life/work/running balance works she said, “walking is a core part of my lifestyle. Walking gives me the energy to face another day. I find peace while walking. It is my form of mediation. I know that when I walk my body is filled with endorphins and I feel great.”

The advice she gives her fellow runners/walkers is: “Anything is possible. You just have to believe in yourself and make your dream a reality.“

We love you Hilda, keep up your incredible work! 💜


Join Hilda and the Whittier Pacers for the 14th Annual Malibu Half Marathon, 5K & 1/2K Kids’ Run. When you cross that finish line at Zuma Beach and hear the cheers from thousands of fellow runners and walkers, you’ll be glad you signed up!



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