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Updated: Apr 28, 2022

At Run Malibu we are passionate about celebrating the everyday superheroes out there that make this world a better place because of their beliefs and values. A superhero to us is someone who faces obstacles, mental and health challenges and doubt; nonetheless they still find the strength and courage in themselves to lace up their shoes, take a first step and show up.

Elizabeth with Barefoot Alberto at the 13th Annual Run Malibu
Elizabeth at the 13th Annual Run Malibu

Today we want to honor Elizabeth Lam. Elizabeth started running races in September 2006 after meeting with doctors because she wanted to lose weight to get pregnant. They said she needed to exercise. So she did what she thought was the simple answer and joined a gym.

She thought running sounded like a great way to lose weight, but she needed some bling as motivation. So she suggested to her trainer that she would train for a half marathon. Being almost 300 lbs, the trainer said she could never do it. “Uh oh, watch out world! When someone tells me that, I am determined to prove them wrong,” Elizabeth said.

So, she thought she should up the stakes and just sign up for a full marathon. She did the OC Marathon training program every week and continued to work out at the gym. In January 2007 she completed her first marathon with her husband. “It took us 7 1/2 hours and that’s why he will never do another one with me. A coworker then said I should do the Los Angeles Marathon in March 2007, so she and I did it together,” said Elizabeth.

A month later she got pregnant and slowed down with races. To lose some of the pregnancy weight, she started to do half marathons and some full marathons. But again, she needed a goal to reach. She decided to do 52 half marathons in 6 months to reach the highest level of Half Fanatics.

She added “If an overweight person can run/walk — ANYONE CAN!!”

She has encouraged her friends who said they couldn’t walk a 5K to do half marathons with her. Now 156 half marathons, 15 full marathons, a 50 mile ultramarathon & one 100 mile

Ultramarathon later, she finally feels like she’s finding her happy place.

“If an overweight person can run/walk — ANYONE CAN!!”

Now adding to her love for running is a new personal commitment to dedicate 63 races to our co-founder Alberto Perusset who unexpectedly passed in December 2021 at the age of 63.

When her mom passed a year and a half ago, Alberto was the one who reached out and encouraged her to start doing races again.

He knew that being out in the fresh air and among friends would be healing for her. He was right!

By mentioning Alberto’s name as much as possible, she wants to ensure that his family and friends know, even though he’s not here anymore, that he is still being remembered as the amazing man he was and that his legacy lives on. She started running for Alberto on January 1st and she will complete race #63 on November 6th at the Malibu Half Marathon. [7 Reasons Why You Can’t Miss The 2022 Malibu Half Marathon, 5K & 1/2K Kids Run]

She ended by saying “Being outside, running a half marathon, and then going to Disneyland with my son afterwards is my definition of the perfect day. I’m not competing with anyone. I’m getting my money’s worth for the race by taking my time. I get to talk to all my friends along the course and scream & shout for them to reach their potential while I’m happily singing along to my songs on the phone. ❤️”

We’re proud of you Elizabeth! Keep up the wonderful work.

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