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Running In Honor Of A Barefoot Legend

The magic of the running community goes beyond the mere accomplishment of logging miles after miles, it's about the sense of community and the incredible stories of everyday heroes that inspire us to be a better version of ourselves.

Run Malibu co-founder and barefoot runner Alberto Perusset⁠, dedicated his life to spreading this message. He had a unique way of connecting with people, inspiring anyone who had the privilege to know him, to believe in themselves, live life consciously and with appreciation.

Alberto ran over 253 full marathons, 214 of them barefoot, breaking the world record in November 2019. He also ran 37+ half marathons and 24 5k/10ks awarding him World Legend status.

"After his premature passing in December 2021 at the age of 63, I knew that I had to make sure that his legacy will live on for years to come." said Race Director, Erica Segel.

"He was a friend, a brother, an inspiration to thrive for more, to always find the positive in every situation, to set goals to work towards, and most importantly to truly believe in ourselves, always!". "That is why 2022 is dedicated to honoring the man he was and the legend he has become", Segel added.

As a tribute, the iconic runner of the Run Malibu logo has been replaced with the shape of Alberto's distinctive barefoot silhouette.

Additionally, the Combo Challenge finisher medals and all off the race shirts will have one of our favorite quotes by Alberto: "Life Is A Gift".

One of the most amazing and soul touching demonstrations of his impact within the walkers/runners’ community was when hundreds of posts, messages and testimonies came pouring in after the news of his early passing.

"Very few people I have met have the presence and ability to live in the moment in such a pure way. He was, with no exaggeration, a gift to every person he met because he valued shared moments of health and joy over any pursuit of wealth, personal gain or pretentiousness. The world is a better place because of Alberto and his legacy of life as a celebration will beat on in the hearts of the people he touched." wrote world class athlete and Run Malibu co-founder Blue Benadum on a post in honor of Alberto.

Maria Delgadillo, founder of the Azusa Pacers, is still moved by something Alberto once told her : “I will stay here until dusk, if that’s how long it takes for the last person to cross the finish line, because the last person is the one that needs the MOST encouragement and cheers”. That is who Alberto was.

Furthermore Elizabeth Lam will be dedicating 63 races to Alberto to make sure that his family and friends know, even though he’s not here anymore, that he is still being remembered for the amazing man he was. She started running for Alberto on January 1st and she will complete race #63 on November 6th at the Malibu Half Marathon.

Others like Toni Ross have taken up barefoot running in his honor.

As a tribute to the great man he was, we are inviting anyone who knew Alberto or had crossed paths with him, to lace up their shoes and run the Malibu Half Marathon, 5K or Combo Challenge in his honor. #MalibuForAlberto


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