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Exploring Malibu


Discover great things to do in Malibu during your stay

Choosing to participate in the Malibu Half Marathon and 5K Run/Walk is the perfect opportunity to plan for a memorable stay in one of the most scenic destinations Southern California has to offer. Discover Malibu with us!

Hiking in Malibu


Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area spans 40 miles west to east from Point Mugu to Griffith Park, offering hundreds of miles of hiking trails.
Surfing in Malibu: Find the best breaks!


Whether you’re getting on a board for the first time or you’re a seasoned rider searching for L.A.’s best breaks, there’s something for everyone.
Paddle Boarding in Malibu
Horseback riding in Malibu



Gorgeous views, perfect weather, and miles of beaches to choose from make of Malibu the highest voted location by stand up paddle boarders.
Escape the vast sprawl of the city by and enjoy some unique picturesque scenery by saddling up on a horse and hit the trail for a ride around Malibu.
Discover the best Gyms in Malibu


Malibu offers the best and the latest in training techniques and conditioning. Have fun! and get fit.
Get the best massages in Malibu


Restore the mind and body, feel completely healthy and whole, and radiate beauty from the inside out.
Discover the best yoga places in Malibu


Practice the art of calming your thoughts, being in complete stillness, and training your “monkey mind.”
Discover Malibu Vineyards


A glass of wine, sunsets, ocean breeze, pristine coastline and a memorable race to add to your accomplishments.
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