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Congratulations, by signing up for the Malibu VRTL Half Marathon, 5K, or 50-Mile Challenge you've already taken the first step to a memorable journey. You’ve officially set a lofty goal for yourself that very few people will ever accomplish. The next step is to properly prepare. 

In fact, competing in an endurance event is a life-changing experience, but when training is handled poorly it can lead to overuse injuries (achilles tendinitis, plantar fasciitis, bone stress injuries, etc.), poor performance, or even burnout from overtraining.


That is why we have partnered up with leaders in the wellness, fitness, injury prevention and accountability world to accompany you through this journey and help you achieve the best version of yourself.

Stay tuned for upcoming announcements regarding sponsor offers, giveaways, training tips, Q&As, and live feeds.


Download our free training programs by Ted McDonald and choose your level from beginner to advanced. Plus, discover some helpful tips on how to successfully get to the finish line.



Starting November 1st, you'll have access to 4-weeks of training, and motivational resources provided by "Evolution Physical Therapy", "WellBe&Co" and "ALL IN by Teddi Mellencamp". 


We are committed to supporting you during this time with training tips and live workouts.

Check our blog or join us for one of our live virtual workout classes.

How to Choose the Right Running Gear

Running has a log-term reputation for being one of the most accessible sports, and surely one of the most enjoyable thanks to "the feel-good" post-run effect (thank you endorphins!).


When you are longing for some alone time, a self-care activity or to improve your fitness running is the most natural answer. Just grab a pair of shoes and head out of the door. However, shortly after most of us discover that running equipment has an enormous impact on your training performance and running motivation.


In fact, having the right gear is key, whether you’re just approaching this sport for the first time or a veteran marathoner. The right gear improves your chances of success, and might even make your runs more enjoyable.

To make sure that you can work out in the best running gear we've partnered up with FrontRunners LA powered by New Balance Los Angeles to offer you 30% off your first purchase on their online store. FrontRunners online store offers all of the most popular brands such as Adidas, New Balance, Brooks, Asics, Nike, etc. Simply sign up for any of our virtual events to unlock the deal as well as other tasty discounts from our sponsors.

Awarded 2018 & 2019 RRCA California State Half Marathon Championship.
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