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MEET OUR NEW DIRECTOR OF COMMUNITY: TAKING the run Malibu community to the next level!

Meet Cassidy Case, Director of Community

Hi, everyone,

My name is Cassidy Case. I recently joined the Run Malibu team as Director of Community and want to introduce myself.

I am a runner, a parent, a member of the Malibu community, and have a long history with the Run Malibu race series. As Director of Community, I serve as the bridge between our race series and the community, both locally in Malibu/Los Angeles and globally. My job includes shaping and supporting your race experience, from the moment you first hear about Run Malibu to the moment you depart Zuma Beach after your race.

I, alongside the Run Malibu team, am focused on building strong community connections; working with the local businesses, families, run communities, and schools throughout our event journey and on race weekend itself. We are also working closely with our beneficiary, Boys & Girls Club Malibu (BGCM), to bring running to the kids and families of Malibu as well as increase our contributions to BGCM in support of the wide range of services they provide to the community. As we move towards race weekend and look ahead, we are actively exploring an evolution of the race experience itself with the community at the core. I look forward to sharing more on this as it unfolds.

I am both thrilled and honored to be in this role for many reasons; one of them is because it completes the circle. I have been connected to the race since the beginning. My husband, Blue Benadum, was one of the original founders (back in 2009) and directed the race for 5 years. Since then, I have supported the event in many ways, ranging from volunteering at water stations to the merchandise tent, and most recently, I coached a team of women to participate in the event last year. I’ve also participated several times as a runner myself.

This race holds a special place in my heart and I can’t wait for you to experience the magic that is Run Malibu. I hope to meet you at our race in November but until then, please reach out and say hi on our social channels or via email. I look forward to hearing from you!

With gratitude,



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