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At Run Malibu we are passionate about celebrating the everyday superheroes out there that make this world a better place because of their beliefs and values.Today we want to honor Kit John.

Kit is a certified personal trainer, health coach and photographer.

He served 6 years in the military, 2 years in the US Coast Guard and 4 years in the US Army.

He’s also a 5-time marathoner and has trained over 100 people from his community to run their first marathon. But, he hasn’t always been that big of a runner.

Kit started running about 7 years ago when a friend, Jenay Meraz, convinced him to go for a run in Echo Park.

“I immediately said what most new runners say; I'm NOT a runner!" Kit recalls. But, since then, what was supposed to be a ‘one time run’ turned into an ‘every Saturday appointment’.

“I had never experienced such a sense of community like with runners. The family oriented structure was so compelling that it made you forget that you were actually running. That is how it all started.” said Kit.

When asked what running means to him, without hesitation Kit answers: Community!

“The first thing that comes to mind is UNITY/ COMMUNITY. Running is bigger than just running, especially here in Los Angeles. I feel like running is the only sport where I have felt that way.” he added.

Since then he has made his passion into a full time job helping people achieve their health and fitness goals.

“An old friend once told me if you love what you do, you'll never work another day in your life.”

When trying to persuade friends to join him in his runs across town with other clubs, he would get no as an answer mostly due to the fact that they didn’t feel comfortable going to something new and unknown.

“They would always say, if I started a running crew then they would come out.”

So in 2014 he founded Movement Runners, a non profit organization that feels a lot more like a big family than just a run crew.

What started as a fun 4-mile run around the Inglewood’s forum with 30-40 friends, is now a real cultural movement with over 200 members and a strong mission to uplift one another and give back to the community.

Movement Runners supports many great causes including a monthly shoes, clothes and essential items donation to Skid Row in Downtown LA, one of the largest homeless encampments in the United States, completely organized and manned by its members.

“Whatever you Start, Finish it. And any ideas that you have, big or small, DO it ASAP! You never know how big of an impact it can have.”

Kit says that he finds his daily motivation through seeing his clients and run crew’s efforts. They are fully committed, they push themselves more than they could have ever imagined and they give their all! He has to be the first to commit to put in the work every day and bring high energy to the room if asking others to do so. He calls it a Domino Effect.

His advice to fellow runners/walkers?:

“Whatever you Start, Finish it. Take as long as you need, but finish it. And any ideas that you have, , big or small they might be, DO it ASAP! You never know how big of an impact a small idea can have in changing lives.”

We love you Kit, keep up your incredible work! 🔥

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